Penelope Ward, Vi Keeland – Cocky Bastard Audiobook

Penelope Ward, Vi Keeland – Cocky Bastard Audiobook

Penelope Ward, Vi Keeland - Cocky Bastard Audio Book Free
Cocky Bastard Audiobook Download

AH-BREE and Chance’s tale was remarkable!! A possibility encounter between a stunning, cocky Australian hottie and also a stunning but uptight female who’s trying to begin her life over … it was a revitalizing, exciting modification of speed and also chock full of laughs, mockery, adventures, as well as feeling.

I really enjoyed the back and forth wit and HU-MAH between Possibility as well as Aubrey. Opportunity highlighted a side of Aubrey that she never ever revealed to anyone and it was charming exactly how he never made her feel crazy for unleashing. Cocky Bastard Audiobook Free. The trip they ended up on was funny and I enjoyed experiencing their adventures with them. Esmeralda Snowflake was my favored character of the entire publication!

Component one is told from Aubrey’s POV and also it was interesting to see her assumptions of Possibility, as well as get in her head to see exactly how she manages the circumstances he places her in all along their trip.

Part two is told from Opportunity’s POV and Penelope and Vi did an amazing work of giving the visitors the male point of view on the challenging, psychological situations we find these 2 characters in.

Even though Aubrey as well as Possibility just spent like 8 days with each other on their trip throughout the nation, the feelings they develop for every various other are deep and also everlasting. They both understand they’ve been transformed for life with how they feel concerning each other, but does that necessarily suggest they should absolutely be with each other? It was an agony filled, psychologically charged tale that kept me on the edge of my seat and also my heart in my throat passing away to learn if these two end up with their dreams met and a happily ever before after!

I compliment Penelope and also Vi for working together on this tale! I have not chuckled this much while reading a book in a long period of time! It was such a rejuvenating adjustment for me and also I will certainly most definitely be reading this set over and over again whenever I require a choice me up as well as some much needed HU-MAH in my day! What a wild and insane trip this publication was! Once I chose it up, I was not able to quit reviewing till I got to “Completion”.

We meet Aubrey who gets on a journey from Chicago to California to start a brand-new life, she never expected to satisfy C.B. also known as Come across her journey across the country. One blowout, and one busted bobble head changes Aubrey’s journey drastically.

I loved the eight days that Aubrey and Opportunity were together during their trip. You can instantaneously tell there was a trigger in between Aubrey as well as Possibility and also I wanted absolutely nothing greater than for these two to wind up with each other. Chance is laid back, humorous and pushes Aubrey beyond her convenience zone. Aubrey is stand offish in the beginning, and also safeguarded, however as she spends even more time with Possibility her fun side begins to peak out.

During the journey Opportunity as well as Aubrey most definitely produce a bond, as well as I liked their back and forth small talk, their sex-related reference’s and also whatever else. I was chuckling out loud several times throughout this publication, and afterwards include a passing out goat, as well as this road trip was one to drop in history. I understood that Possibility was hiding something with how deceptive he would hop on his telephone calls, however I had not been expecting what it was he was concealing. I was sort of in shock when it came out.

I actually loved exactly how this publication was informed in 2 parts, part one was Aubrey’s viewpoint as well as dealing with the road trip, and also the 2nd component was told in Opportunity’s viewpoint dealing with points after the trip. Penelope Ward, Vi Keeland – Cocky Bastard Audio Book Download. The after the trip section was remarkable in my viewpoint. I enjoyed getting inside of Possibility’s head and also my heart hurt for him. He truly is a good person and also he understands he has made some mistakes. Seeing him attempting to combat wherefore he wants was one amazing as well as psychological journey as well as made me fall in love with him around again.

Opportunity and Aubrey belong with each other, however getting them to understand it at the same time is a hard thing to master. I desired them with each other initially, yet I do not believe that this tale would have been as outstanding if we really did not obtain all the bumps in the road that these 2 experienced.

A lot happens in this publication that I just can’t blog about since it will provide a lot away, however believe me … this book is a precise have to review! I absolutely adored this publication and also if I can I would give it 10 celebrities! I fell in love with this story and with the characters as well as also the goat! I laughed, I cried, as well as I was all over the place with my emotions. This publication is impressive! I highly recommend this one to everyone!!