Kai-Fu Lee – AI Superpowers Audiobook

Kai-Fu Lee – AI Superpowers Audiobook

Kai-Fu Lee - AI Superpowers Audio Book Free
AI Superpowers Audiobook Download

An excellent review of Chinese activity in artificial intelligence from ground zero viewpoint. Lee shows how two hairs (China and also AI) are being irreversibly woven together into an unbreakable high-power cable television that will certainly change, control, as well as possibly suffocate mankind’s economic future.

The inciting case for both Lee’s publication as well as another comparable current effort (Synthetic Intuition: The Unlikely Deep Learning Revolution, by Carlos Perez) is the current triumph in Go of an AI-based system over the best human champion of that old video game. This had regarding the weight of a vacant beer can in the U.S.A. as well as other Western information cycles, but drank the Eastern intelligentsia at their core (because they care a lot even more regarding Go). AI Superpowers Audiobook Free. Both Lee and also Perez make a big deal out of the Go success as a Sputnik moment, awakening entire Eastern populations, and also their central planners, to the seriousness of ending up being the dominant AI superpower. At the same time, in addition to some corporate research,
the USA snoozes blithely on. We may wake like Split Van Winkle in 20 years (or 20 months) to find ourselves hopelessly lagging China. AI Superpowers skillfully makes use of as well as magnifies the concern aspect. A cynic would state the hidden agenda here is to cause an additional 1980’s- design AI panic, when it appeared that Japan would certainly dominate the world with their Prolog (logic programming) campaign. However I am not cynical. I value this publication by itself terms.

Anyway, after both publications (Lee and Perez) lead off with humanity’s unpleasant Go video game beatdown, they after that split sharply in quality, and Lee quickly draws means ahead of Perez. Where Perez obtains shed in a bulletproof thicket of his own badly complicated creating style and also rambling topical garden paths (or garden labyrinths), Lee drives directly for the goal line: a clear and compelling image of the present state of play, and also a crisp delineation of where points will certainly wind up.

The representation of China’s hi-technology company society is the more powerful aspect, relative to the presentation of AI as technology. Although Lee knows the tech approaches as well as designs inside and out, this is a popular treatment and you won’t come across a solitary equation or circuit layout anywhere. Generally, you’ll obtain the crucial message that ‘slim’ AI (task-specific systems that learn and also carry out well on human specialist features) has made a gigantic jump in a short current period. These systems are lumped under the term ‘deep learning’, an expansion of a fairly straightforward neural modeling principle going back to the 1950’s that has recently busted devoid of the pack as well as left the field behind. That breakout has actually been allowed by even more information, more computer power, and also some architectural upgrades to the initial concept. Lee then focuses on exactly how rapid and also exactly how angry the deep knowing tidal wave will hit.

AI Superpowers is strongest in its different portraits of the Chinese advanced scene vs. the USA’s Silicon Valley. Lee uses numerous real-world instances illustrating parallels as well as aberrations, sprinkled with entertaining individual tales from the trenches on both sides.

He traces the ascendance of China’s technology titans such as WeChat, AliBaba, and lots of others that aren’t household names in the West, digging deep into specifically how every one did well– extra pound for pound, blow by blow, user by individual– a view from the trenches. Basically he represents Chinese entrepreneurial advanced as sharing much alike with
arranged crime, potentially minus the sicarios. (See the book Narconomics: Exactly how to Run a Medicine Cartel by Tom Wainwright if you desire the genuine dirt.).

All that leads into Lee’s clear-sighted take on the employment implications of the brand-new AI. Lee is no Elon Musk, in that he does not see AI posing any kind of prompt existential hazard to the human species. Nor does he spend much ink on the roseate Kurzweil ‘singularity’ stuff (which is basically religious dream in my view). True to form, Lee.
Kai-Fu Lee – AI Superpowers Audio Book Download. Relocations soberly and smoothly, like the practical entrepreneur he is, to take into consideration something closer to residence: the feasible loss or decrease of up to 40% or even more of present work with a decade or much less. Many of these risks are well known, specifically the driverless lorries thing, automated clinical radiology, as well as many others. Analyses of this kind go back at the very least as for Jeremy Rifkin’s classic Completion of Work (1996) and also a lot more current treatments. Yet Lee’s examination is especially lucid and also ideal up to the minute in its complete focus to the brand-new AI (deep understanding).