Artie Lange – Wanna Bet? Audiobook

Artie Lange – Wanna Bet? Audiobook (A Degenerate Gambler’s Guide to Living on the Edge)

Artie Lange - Wanna Bet? Audio Book Free
Wanna Bet? Audiobook Online

As someone who is wired extremely similar, I discovered this to be a really enjoyable read. It’s sad, it’s amusing, it’s abrasive, as well as I could not put the book down. Arte undergoes life at mach speed without brakes. Alcohol consumption, Drugs, Sex, and Gambling are the styles here, as well as if you want to check out somebody that’s decreased this course, or review how your life type of mirrors Arte’s, (to a little degree), then this is the book for you. Wanna Bet? Audiobook Free. Arte is a great tale bank employee, and also I could literally feel the misery, or the joys, as I read “Wan na Bet”. 5 stars Another excellent read of Artie’s. Anthony Bozza is the perfect Match for him when conveying Arties life. I always love the method Artie narrates, such a fast witty guy. I will certainly always hope for Artie’s peace of mind.This book was a simple as well as enjoyable read. I enjoyed his very first book, assumed his 2nd book was just okay … but this one is great. It’s a truthful reflection of Arftie discussing what it’s like to look back and also as he makes the visitor understand, “look, I am that i am.”. Surprisngly well written, if not a re-hashed, documentation of Artie’s struggles in the last few years as well as the tale of exactly how he got into gaming. There were quite a few intriguing nuggets of details I review below that I had actually not listened to elsewhere! This is a worthy follower for a third publication – excellent task Artie. Fans of Artie’s understand he tends to retell stories and jokes. Artie’s skill, on ideal display screen right here, is having the ability to transform the tone of a tale. Discovering wit in a suicide attempt or losing $145,000 in a weekend break is an ability extremely few people have today or have actually had in background– George Carlin, Richard Pryor amongst them. The unhappiness in many of Artie’s stories is not lost on him; he just picks to discover the humor since he’s a comedian first and foremost. Artie Lange – Wanna Bet? Audio Book Online. “Wan na Wager?”features a lot of old stories told in a new light, but additionally new stories, informed humorously but obviously depressing. If you do not such as hearing Artie’s Stories, you’re not an actual fan. If you’re a real follower, you’ll enjoy this book. Artie supplies as usual! Composing with Anthony Bozza, Artie has a delivery that few guys will ever know in regards to telling a story. I can listen to Artie inform tales all day. He’s a degenerate in every feeling and also I enjoy him even more for it.