A.L. Jackson – Lead Me Home Audiobook

A.L. Jackson – Lead Me Home Audiobook

A.L. Jackson - Lead Me Home Audio Book Free
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When it pertains to hurt spirits, Oliver Preston wears his like a coat of armor. However also his defensive shield is no protection versus the honey-haired temptress, whose enchanting eyes had, long-ago, recorded Ollie’s heart. And she’s been holding it hostage since.

She is the female that has pertained to imply “whatever,” yet continues to be a harrowing reminder of all that’s been shed and all that can never ever be. Lead Me Home Audiobook Free. As Gingham Lakes’ self-proclaimed intermediator extraordinaire– also known as, the climax fairy– Nikki Walters flits with life, spreading love any place she goes. Boasting an intense smile and also spouting enjoyable repartees, she’s been dubbed the fun-loving pal with nary a care worldwide. However appearances are frequently tricking– for there is a lot more to Nikki than what she attempts to allow the outdoors IN to see.

If Nikki is the scourge of Ollie’s existence, then Ollie is the guardian of hers. He’s her dark knight; her relentless guard; her attractive beast. He’s the man she offered her heart to, that tossed it back, scruffy and also torn. Yet when Nikki’s home is trashed and her well-being hangs in the equilibrium, its Ollie to the rescue, set in his resolve to maintain her secure. Wrapping Nikki under his protective wing, Ollie moves her to his place above Olive’s bar. Although the short-lived action comes to be a Nikki’s silent comfort, Ollie’s warmed examination keeps her stammering on the edge. As the stress rises as well as their need heats, their new setup quickly converts to a slow-burning torment of the best kind.

It’s been virtually 14 years because Ollie’s sister, Sydney, went missing out on; 14 years, since Ollie shed an item of his soul. Currently, as the wedding anniversary of Sydney’s disappearance methods, Ollie must prepare to face the devils of his past– a muddled job that shows as challenging as it is necessary, as he finally reaches for a future with Nikki. With continued risks and a past that doesn’t stay hidden, “Lead Me Home” takes the viewers on a memorable, darkly dramatic journey that results in response to long-awaited inquiries. And, all the while, a clean slate for this couple floats in the distance– close sufficient to touch, but just barely unreachable.

As the 3rd (and last) installation to AL Jackson’s Fight for Me Collection, “Lead Me House” finishes up this series in a much heavier shroud that only Ollie’s story could command. It’s dramatic, shocking, disastrous and also unfortunate. It’s additionally wickedly attractive, beautifully enchanting, as well as boasts great deals of fun & flirt, while the requisite HEA is provided in one of the most perfectly scrumptious method.

While “Lead Me Residence” is written as a standalone, I would highly recommend starting at the start. In doing so, an appropriate perspective would certainly be obtained and extra insight can be collected concerning Ollie, Nikki, and their special circle of buddies– close friends that I’ve familiarized and also love; close friends to whom I despise to bid farewell. However, alas, I must. So, in parting, I use my last kudos to AL Jackson for creating such remarkable, vibrant characters that have carved a long-term home within my heart. I have been patiently awaiting Ollie and Nikki’s story considering that this series started. (ok maybe not patiently.) Yet I knew it was going to be as well as psychological heart wrenching read. However I didn’t recognize Jackson was mosting likely to place us with that much chaos. A.L. Jackson – Lead Me Home Audio Book Download. When I initially began reading I wanted to hang Ollie by his unmentionables for all heartache he had put Nikki with for many years. However as the story played out it all made ideal feeling. Yes. This tale was every little thing that I believed it would be. It’s not an easy to read love story. If you’ve checked out the other books in the collection, you know that some attractive awful points happen in their past that have actually remained unsolved.
This story was so thoroughly written and all the little information were best. It’s a tale about Friendships and Love. It’s dramatic with some enigma. It’s angsty with sexual stress. It’s obtained an alpha huge bear of a male and also a sassy, endure heroine. It reinforces that your family isn’t always the people born right into your life, however instead the people that wish to be there with thick and slim, to select you up when you require it one of the most. Have completely enjoyed this fantastic series.